About Us

The Weekend Bag Program Inc. is a kid founded and run 501(c)3 nonprofit created to provide students going home from school over the weekend with food and hygiene they otherwise wouldn’t have. The program runs the full 10-month school year and the students on the program receive a Weekend Bag each week. The program is designed to be anonymous so as not to add any additional stress on the student. The Weekend Bag Program Inc. Team has the school administration identify a school liaison to work with The Weekend Bag Program team, the school liaison identifies which students would benefit most from receiving a Weekend Bag and then lets The Weekend Bag Team know how many bags it would need. All changes work through the Weekend Bag Program Team and the school liaison. The Program has two types of bags on designed for our homeless students (who either go to shelter or foster care after school) and a full food and hygiene bag. The bags are delivered to the schools each week by The Weekend Bag Program Inc. Team Volunteers. The bags or left with the school liaisons to distribute to the students participating in the program

Our Mission

Fighting to end Juvenile food insufficiency over the weekend where it is most needed in our communities. We are continuing to provide for students where the free assisted meal programs dont reach. 

Why And How The Program Was Started

The Weekend Bag Program Inc. is an initiative created in 2016 by then 14-year-old High School freshman, Isobel. Isobel was as excited as any other student to begin this new adventure called High School, but after the first couple weeks of school, she, began to notice a trend in conversations from her peers. Some of her peers were talking about how they would go home not having enough food to eat or not being able to afford the hygiene products that most teenagers do not ever have to worry about. Not able to ignore this issue so many of her peers were experiencing she went to her school’s administration to ask them their students. Not satisfied with their answer and what was being done to aide her peers in need Isobel came up with the Weekend Bag Program Inc. Aided by her sisters Olivia and Magdalen, they fundraised, met with local businesses, spoke at Town meeting, reached out to their community trough social media, word of matt and any venue they could in to get donators to fill The Weekend Bags.

The Schools Who Have Adopted The Program

  • Merriam Avenue Elementary School
  • Halsted Middle School
  • Sussex County Charter School For Technology
  • Sussex County Technical High School
  • Hardyston Township Elementary School
  • Hardyston Township Middle School
  • Montague Township School
  • Stillwater Township  School
  • Sussex County Community College

The Weekend Bag Team


I love the outdoors, playing several musical instruments and engaging with my communities


I am a Sophomore in High School, I am passionate about my community and the people in it, I love playing sports such as; Golf and Field Hockey and enjoy coaching Recreational Youth Cheer


I am a Seventh grader in Middle School, I love playing Roller Hockey, Field Hockey, Cheer and Golf, but not as much as I love being a part of my community and helping my peers.

No, thank you. I do not want.
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