The Weekend Bags

We have two different types of bags we provide to our students on the program.  We use kid friendly items in both our bags that are easy to prepare and eat.

Full Weekend Bags

The Full Weekend Bag has 6 meal items, 2 dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks, drinks, 1 vegetable & fruit item and 3 hygiene items

Hygiene & Snack Weekend Bags

These bags go to our students who are going to either a shelter or foster care facility after school.  These students do not have a way to make their own food and are usually part of a communal meal system, we focus more on hygiene and snacks since hygiene is something that is not always available. The hygiene bags have 3-4 hygiene items in them and 2 snacks and drinks.
If would like to donate we need an item please use the Amazon lists below, items will directly ship to us.

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